+ Filmmaking Week in Madrid

In Ka Educa we have the thought that students have to organise and make important decisions that will determine the quality of their own projects. They have to truly learn that what they put in is what they get out. The desire to create will help them to achieve this. Our international programmes will provide students a level of Spanish unattainable in the UK. They will gain confidence with the language and the culture whilst visiting the beautiful cities of Spain.

Thanks to the European Union Funded Programmes we can invite all British Schools and European Schools to spend a week in Madrid enjoying Spanish culture and shooting a film in the main cultural and historical locations.
The programme is free and includes a week of filmmaking, with profesional filmmakers, Spanish cuisine tours and a free day to have fun.

The students will learn filmmaking, editing, scriptwriting, acting in front of a camera, project management and decisión making, plus they will practise their Spanish (if required, the programme can be done in English too) and learn about Spanish culture and European history (the film is based in the age of Enlightment).

At the end of the week you will receive an edited film available in our YouTube Channel.

EDUCATIONAL WEEK: FREE / Includes filmmaking, editing…
ACCOMMODATION: FREE -If Included in the Exchange programme-
MEALS : FREE -If included in the Exchange Programme-
ADMIN: 75 GBP / 90€ Includes coordination with your school
ADMIN Exchange programme: 25 GBP / 30€ Includes coordination with the families

*This price is only for Madrid (for other cities ask for a quote)

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