Exchange with foreign schools

Any School from London, Madrid, Berlin, Rome, Florence, Paris… Can apply to organize an exchange with another School.
School exchanges and trips overseas are brilliant for developing your partnerships with schools abroad and introducing students and start to new cultures and languages. Plus students get free meals and acommodation of a better quality getting to know local cuisine.

When you do it you do it with our programme SHOOT YOUR FILM you don’t have to worry about what the students are going to do. If you prefer you can combine a Bed & Breakfast or half board meal plan with family accommodation. For example, the cost of a three courses meal in Madrid is about 12€ (10GBP approx) and you can have an international cuisine week (Spanish , Brazilian, Corean, Peruvian…) or cuisines from different regions of Spain (Madrid cuisine, Catalan cuisine…)

Our exchange programme combined with our grants plans Will allow all your students to have the experience of international education without economical obstacles

¿Quieres estar informado de todos los programas educativos y de becas?

- 3 BECAS POR CENTRO: programas internacionales

- HUCHA DE BECAS: puedes hacer más de 300 cursos gratis y además conseguir una beca desde 260€ al completar el curso

- HUCHA DE BECAS TOUR: asiste a programas culturales y consigue becas

- BECAS DEL 50% EN PROGRAMAS INTERNACIONALES: a través de tu centro educativo

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